Aspen Drake Reviewer Team

Author Aspen Drake is putting together a review team to increase reviews for her Fierce Salon Series. This contemporary romance series contains fifteen short 'episodes' consolidated into three full length novels as part of the complete Fierce Trilogy. Aspen is also working on a spin-off series for release in 2016.
The Review Team will begin with a free copy of the first book in the series titled "Fierce Salon: Wash."
Here is a series description:
This is a serialized novel. Each episode is a cliffhanger. For mature readers.
The Season One Box Set includes episodes 1-5. When Nate Edwards left his drug addicted ex and his modeling career, he followed his other passion and opened up Fierce Salon. He's a player in every sense of the word but never steps over the line of professionalism when it comes to his staff. They are the only women off limits to him. Amy loses her job and her boyfriend on the same morning when her salon shuts down unexpectedly and she catches her boyfriend cyber cheating. When she runs into an old friend working at an upscale salon, Amy’s desperate situation begins to look up. It takes some convincing, but she lands her dream job and gets to spend her days looking at the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. If only he was willing to break his golden rule and see her as more than just an employee.
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